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How does it work?

To perform proper business management interfaces need to be defined between the most crucial areas of interaction. These areas are defined as Project (Time) Management, Financial Management and Business Management.

The figure below shows how the basic inputs to On-Track is defined to capture all the necessary information to perform effective business management.

Business Management

The core focus of On-Track is to assist business managers in performing business management effectively. On-Track provides the following reports based on project and financial inputs:

  • Detailed time -and expense sheets
  • Project management reports based on time -and expense sheets
  • Reports to assist in determining employee efficiency
  • Basic finacial reports eg. up-to-date debtors lists
  • Basic business reports

Project Management

On-Track provides a way in which your project planning can be compared with the actual time spent on projects. A lot of specialized software solutions exist for the management of projects. On-Track helps you track your actual project progress and budget by placing the the project manager centrally between the planning of the project and the actual progress.

The following project reports are available:

  • Timesheet reports
  • Expense sheet reports
  • Projects over budget reports
  • Consulting breakdown for any project
  • Project progress reports
  • Project summary reports
  • Work in process reports

Financial Management

On-Track functions independently from your existing accounting system. Only the most critical information is given to On-Track to help business managers keep track of the financial state of the company. By providing the basic information (10 seconds per entry) the cash flow of the company can be tracked.